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Common Law Australia is a "grassroots" volunteer not-for-profit organisation, committed to bringing the "idea" of Common Law into "reality" for individuals and communities across our Great Southern Land.

This portal is provided to "Educate and Facilitate" the implementation of Common Law throughout Australia and all of its jurisdictions.



Everyone can be held accountable for their actions and every man or woman that has suffered a wrong has the right to a lawful remedy.

The truth is that throughout everyday life, people everywhere use and rely on Common Law to live and work together. It is simply the inherent way that people conduct their affairs together. Liken it to the roots that bind together human communities by unconditionally upholding the life, dignity and well-being of every man, woman and child. These roots are especially necessary and foundational in the face of powers that seek to subvert such natural freedom.
To extend the everyday reign of Common Law into all areas of life means to challenge the arbitrary rule of the political parties. But the very fact that it is the Law of We, the vast majority of humanity, means that it only needs to be consistently practiced by enough of us to allow the Common Law Sheriffs and Peace Officers to make it work for all.

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